Rimmel stay matte powder


This Rimmel stay matte powder is literally the best drugstore powder that I’ve ever tried!

Whenever I put this powder on,I feel like it keeps my makeup on so much longer.I am so glad that I came across this powder.Thank you so much to Rimmel for making this fab product and also to Superdrug for selling it!

So,you can get this powder for only £3.99 from Superdrug,which is such a bargain.

Oh and by the way if you didn’t already notice,I am going to be starting a new theme,all of my posts are going to be on a white background from now on,I hope you all like it.

That is it from me,I hope you all have a great day.

My perfect chilled evening


It is a rainy and lazy Sunday and I am currently just sitting here,while reading a book and lighting some of my favourite candles.For me this is a perfect chilled evening.I love reading books as I think that they can really help with anything,for  example stress.Whenever I’m feeling stressed,I just grab a book and I instantly feel better!

That is it from me for now,I hope you all liked this little post,I know it wasn’t very long but I thought I’d just post it anyway! 🙂


Best skincare products for dry skin


Hello!Welcome to this blog post…This blog post is in collaboration with another blogger(Melissa),she has done a blog post all about products for oily skin,so if you have oily skin then head over to her blog and have a little read.The link to Melissa’s blog is : https://lethallashes.wordpress.com/ .Go show her blog some love as she is so lovely and her posts are fab!

So,now onto the actual products that a great for dry skin…

Firstly,Elizabeth Arden ‘8 hour cream’~This stuff is so amazing for dry skin!I’ve got a mini travel size here but I am definitely going to be purchasing the full size product.This perfect for me because I get dry patches on my skin and whenever I do,I just go straight to my skincare drawer and get this little beauty out!I just pop it straight onto the dry patches overnight and when I wake up,they’re gone.You can also use this on your lips,if you have dry lips,or even your hands,if you have dry hands.

Next,Nivea face cream~I’ve already spoken about this in another blog post,but this I love to use this moisturiser,I feel like it really does help my dry skin.I’m not really sure if it also works with oily skin but it probably will.It is very affordable too!

Next,Nivea ‘gentle caring’ micellar water~I love to take my makeup off with this.It’s so gentle on your skin,I don’t think I’ve ever used anything like this before.It’s perfect for if you have sensitive skin too.

Lastly,Coconut oil~I have already sponken about coconut oil before in another blog post,but I feel like this makes my skin so much better!When I put this on my face it makes me think that I don’t have dry skin anymore,I just love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post,make sure to check out Melissa’s post and also her amazing blog.

What’s in my makeup bag


Hi lovelies!I am back and I am going to be telling you all what is in my makeup bag…Obviously I have more makeup which all would not fit in one little makeup bag,so this is just what I would wear on my face for an everyday look.

I am not going to be telling you guys much detail about this product as this blog post would be very long.

These are the products:

Maybelline ‘baby skin’ primer~If you have dry skin them you NEED this(I have a blog post already up about this primer)

Benefit ‘Hello flawless oxygen wow’ foundation~This foundation is fab,it’s so lightweight and will be perfect for summer!

Collection ‘lasting perfection’ concealer~This is amazing for the price,it has such good coverage.

Collection ‘precision contouring’ cream contour stick~This blends out so nicely and looks lovely on quite pale skin.

Benefit ‘high beam’ liquid highlighter~I use this under my actual highlight,I feel like that makes it stay on longer.

Rimmel ‘stay matte’ powder~This is probably the best drugstore powder!

Freedom eyebrow pomade~This is so easy to use and it doesn’t look too harsh on your eyebrows.

Benefit ‘gimme brow’ brow volumising fiver gel~I use this to set my eyebrows,it look lovely on its on too though!

Benefit ‘bad gal lash’ mascara~I use this to separate my lashes and make them look longer,before I put on my other mascara.

Too faced waterproof mascara~This mascara is amazing!It makes you look like your wearing false lashes,if you like natural looking lashes then this probably wouldn’t work for you.However I do recommend the benefitmascara that I apply before this one.

Benefit ‘hoola’ bronzer~This is AMAZING!It makes you look so lovely and bronzed,it is perfect for summer!

Too faced ‘totally cute’ eyeshadow palette~I just use the 2 glittery colours on the left as a highlighter!I mix them both together and it looks amazing!If I am going out,I do sometimes use the orange and brown colour for my eyeshadow,which looks fab!However,I don’t use the other colourful shades.

Mua ‘velvet lip lacquer’matte lip lacquer~I love the shade of this!It’s a gorgeous everyday nude colour!

Benefit ‘they’re real-double the lip’ lip stick~I couldn’t decide which one was my favourite out of this one and the Mua one,so I decided to include both.I love this lipstick too,if I’m not wearing the Mua one,then I’m wearing this one!It’s such a gorgeous pink shade!

And finally…Makeup revolution ‘pro fix’ fixing spray~I love this!It makes my makeup stay on all day(I have a different post about this fixing spray)

Thank you for reading,I hope you enjoyed 🙂






Worth the hype?~Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge


Hi everybody!So,today I am going to be telling you guys if the Real techniques ‘miracle complexion’ sponge,is worth the hype.

As you all may be aware,these sponges are all over social media.I have always wanted to try them out but I never really got round getting one…

When it was Easter,Real techniques did a sponge hunt and I actually won two of these sponges!So I was really happy that I could finally try them out!

The first time I used this sponge,I was so shocked!My foundation has never blended so nicely and evenly.I literally couldn’t believe it…I don’t know how I’ve always done my makeup without this sponge.It is absolutely fab!I use it every day now,to blend in my foundation with

This sponge costs £5.99,it is worth every penny!

Thank you for reading 🙂


Candy Kittens sweets


Hi my lovelies!I am currently in the middle of writing a blog post,it probably won’t be up today,so make sure you come back tomorrow…

Meanwhile,I have just been reading the Glamour magazine,while snacking on these delicious sweets.So,I thought I would tell you guys about them…

As you all probably know,Candy Kittens sweets are all over social media.I have always wanted to try these,however I could never find any shops that sell them.

So today,I popped in Superdrug to pick up some bits and I found the Candy Kittens sweets!I was so suprised!

I decided to get the flavour ‘sour watermelon’ and I do not regret my decision!They are absolutely delicious!They are made out of natural flavours,natural colourings and they are gluten free,which is amazing!!They were £1.99!

I am definitely going to pop back into Superdrug to try more flavours of these!

These are some of the shops that stick these sweets:Sainsbury’s,Superdrug,River Island,Topshop,Waitrose,Tesco,and many more…

I hope you enjoyed reading this little blog post,make sure you come back tomorrow for another one 🙂

Too faced~sweet peach palette


Hi everybody!This is a look that I created today with the Too Faced ‘sweet peach’ palette.I love this palette so much,as it has so many gorgeous shades in it that you can create lots of different looks with!

I totally recommend this palette to everyone!It is worth every penny…

I only put filled in my eyebrows and put on some eyeshadow for this look,I didn’t bother with any face makeup…

Let me know if you would like to see swatches of this palette down below.I could do another blog post with the swatches for you all.

Thank you for reading this,I hope you enjoyed…



Ps.please ignore my really overgrown eyebrows.

Review of the products I bought in Superdrug


Hi girls!I am back…I’m here with a review of the products that I bought in Superdrug…

Firstly,the Makeup Revolution fixing spray…When I used this for the first time,I didn’t really like it and the smell of it was too overpowering.However,now that I’ve used it multiple times,I really like it!The smell doesn’t bother me that much anymore,and it makes my makeup stay on all day without any touch ups!So,I think that for £5,this was a great purchase!

Secondly,the Freedom eyebrow pomade…When I used this for the first time,I didn’t get along with it very well because i was so used to using powder products to fill in my eyebrows.However,now that I’ve tried to use it every day,I’m starting to like it more and more.It glides on very nicely and it’s very creamy in consistency!I am quite happy with this purchase!

Lastly,the Maybelline ‘baby skin’ primer…This is absolutely amazing!!I have dry skin,and whenever I put on foundation,it sticks to the dry patches on my skin.I could never find anything to stop that from happening.So,when I found this,I was amazed!Whenever I primer on,my foundation looks so flawless!So,thank you Maybelline for making this amazing primer!

Thank you for reading,I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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My outfit choice,on a cold spring day


Hi guys!

I am here to show you my outfit choice on a cold spring day 🙂

Spring is now here…In the Uk,we get some days that are very warm,however we can get some days that are still quite very chilly!

The jacket is from h&m~it cost me £39.99.I love this jacket,i think it goes very well with quite a lot of things and it’s very good at keeping you warm on the odd spring chilly days.

The top is from Primark~I’m not too sure how much it cost,but I think it was around £6.I love to wear this top,especially because of the colour!

And last but not least…the black ripped jeans are from New Look~they cost me around £20(I think).These jeans are perfect,they go with literally anything!

If anybody has read this,then thank you very much! 🙂

I hope you have had a lovely day!