Why treating yourself is SO important?


Hello you lovely people!Today’s post is quite a bit different to what I usually post but I feel like it’s a very important one and hopefully it may help some of you…

Recently,I have been thinking a lot more about myself(this may sound quite rude but I’m not trying to make sound like that).I personally always like to treat other people,whether it’s a family member or a friend,I always just like to give them a little something,spend some time with them and show them some love,I’m sure many of you out there are like me too…

However,we never really think about ourselves,just other people.It is good to think about others but thinking about yourself and treating yourself is SO important.

Why treating yourself is SO important?

•It reminds us of how amazing we are

•It brings more positivity into our life

•It makes us much more happier as a person

•It gives you a positive mindset

•We need to reward ourselves

So recently,I have decided that I am going to try treating myself a bit better.This does not just mean that I’m going to go out and buy myself a new laptop,a new camera,some new shoes,and lots of new makeup.I may go out and buy myself a little something but there are many more simpler things that you could do.

How can you treat yourself?

•You could have a nice pamper evening.Where you have a lovely bath,paint your nails,and so on…



•You could treat yourself to a little something.For example buying yourself a new lipstick.


•You could have have a chilled evening.Where you watch a movie,have some snacks,maybe read a book after that and just relax and take everything off your mind.




•You could simply have a lie in,don’t set yourself an alarm,wake up whenever you want to.

•You could buy yourself a nice bunch of flowers.

•You could make yourself a special breakfast that you can have in bed


There are many more things that you could do but these were just some of my ideas…

So,that is the end of this blog post,I tried to make this one as short as possible so you didn’t get bored reading it.However,I do still have one more thing to say…

I have a challenge for all of you,this week you all have to treat yourself.Whether it will be only to a little thing or a bigger thing.Make yourself feel special.

My favourite ever foundation and concealer


Hello everyone!Happy Sunday…

Today I thought I’d share with you my favourite ever foundation and concealer because I feel like you are all missing out if you haven’t already tried these two gems.

As you may have already seen in the picture,yes…I am taking about the Rimmel ‘wake me up’ foundation and concealer. These two products are hidden gems.They are very affordable as they are from the drugstore side and they are probably better than some of the high end foundations and concealers.

I would say that the foundation is medium coverage but I feel like it will be different for different people.I have quite dry skin and I love how the foundation makes my skin look so healthy and glowy and not at all dry.

I do still love the concealer,when I use the two products together I feel that they definitely ‘wake me up’ and make my skin just look the best it’s ever looked.


I’m not trying to make any of you go out and buy this foundation or concealer because it may not work for you.I just wanted to let you know about these products because some of you may be looking for a new drugstore foundation or concealer or you have the same skin type as me…

I hope you liked this post,thank you for reading.

I am definitely going to start posting more fashion and lifestyle posts as I feel like most of my posts are just beauty themed.






Roxanne Campbell summer collection 2017 review

image.jpegHello,happy Tuesday!

Recently,I got contacted by the lovely Roxanne Campbell.She kindly asked me if would like to review 2 of her new nail polishes from her summer collection.So,of course I said yes!I love painting my nails so I was very excited to have a play about with these 2 gorgeous colours that I chose.


These are the nails that I came up with.I had so many different ideas but I just decided to go with this one.They just plain white with a little pop of colour and some leopard print(I think😅).

The formula of these nail polishes is great,they applied for nicely onto my nails.The nail polishes lasted me 7 days without chipping,which is so fab!

These nail polishes cost £10,which I think is a great price for such good quality nail polishes that last a whole week!

This post is quite different as I’ve never done a post on nails,so I hope you enjoyed reading something a little bit different 🙂

Thank you so much Roxanne Campbell for sending me the nail polishes.

New Rimmel Insta collection,is it worth the hype?


Welcome back,today I’m going to be sharing my opinion with you all on the new Rimmel London ‘Insta’ collection…

In my opinion this is the best collection that Rimmel have ever brought out!There literally isn’t a product that I don’t like out of this range.

When I got all of these products,I decided to do a full face of Rimmel makeup because I use a Rimmel foundation and concealer anyway and I was so impressed!

Rimmel Insta fix & matte powder-This powder worked very well for me,it locked my makeup in place and it just looked great.Usually,my favourite powder is the Rimmel stay matte powder but this is my new favourite!

Rimmel Insta conceal & correct trio-I mainly use the purple colour in this palette as that is for brightening.I love to use this under my eyes before I apply my foundation,I really do think it works,it just makes me look so much more awake.

Rimmel Insta duo contour stick-Guys,you are not ready for this…This is supposed to be a dupe for the Kim Kardashian KKW contour stick!!🙊Yes you heard it right and it is also supposed to be even better that one!I couldn’t tell you for definite because I obviously don’t own the KKW contour stick but I can tell you that when I used the Rimmel one,I was so impressed!It just glided on so nicely into my face and blended it perfectly.If you haven’t already tried this then you definitely need to.

Rimmel Insta fix & go fixing spray-I enjoyed using this product so much!I use this as a primer too and I feel like this is what you need if you want your makeup to stay on all day.The smell is just divine,it smells like watermelon,ahh it’s just amazing!In the evening I checked my makeup in the mirror and it literally looked the same as what it did in the morning when I applied it.This is just such a fab product.

So there we have it,my opinion on the new Rimmel ‘Insta’ collection.As you can probably tell,I LOVED it!Also,I just thought I’d tell you guys that when I went out with my full fave of Rimmel products,so many people complemented me on how nice my makeup looked and they even asked which foundation etc I used!That just shows you how good Rimmel products are…

Review of Nivea skincare products


Hi everybody,

Sorry that there has not been a blog post up in ages but I have been on holiday however I promise that I will be posting more often from now on.

So,about a month ago I received an amazing parcel from one of my favourite brands,Nivea!I was so excited to be working with them as Nivea has always been my go to brand for skincare.

I wanted to make sure that I gave to you the best review possible so I decided to test these products out for quite a while(a month).

So here is my review…

Nivea 3 in 1 micellar wipes-These wipes worked so well for me.They claim to even take off waterproof makeup,which I tested and found that they did.They also claim to cleanse deeply and leave no residues,I definitely found that they left no makeup on face and I felt that they did really cleanse my face well.Lastly,they claim to moisturise and leave you skin feeling soft,which I 100% found that they left my skin feeling super soft.Overall,I think that this is a great product for taking your makeup off when your in a rush,the wipes are very gentle too which is amazing!

Nivea cleansing lotion-During the summer my skin actually gets quite dry so when I found out that this lotion claims to protect your skin from drying out,I was very intrigued to test it out.This cleansing lotion,took my makeup off so well!It managed to take off every single bit off makeup off my face,even the waterproof mascara.I felt like this product definitely cleansed my skin better than the makeup wipes.Overall,I was very impressed with this product too!

Nivea cellular radiance skin perfecting fluid SPF15-So,one of the things that this product claimed to do was to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.I decided to give this product to my Mam to test out because I do not have wrinkles yet so I wouldn’t be able to tell you guys if it did reduce the appearance or not…This product is to be applied daily on a cleansed face and it can be used alone or over your daily moisturiser.This product also claims to instantly even out imperfections even from the first application(!!),visibly transform skin’s appearance and provide a youthfully radiant skin tone.After 4 week of using this product it claims to make your wrinkled appear reduced,improve skin cell renewal and make your skin feel smooth.My Mam used this product for around 4 weeks and found that it did slightly reduce the appearance of wrinkled,it made her skin feel really smooth and she also said that it made her skin look better and more radiant.She said that overall she was very impressed with this product and that she will definitely be repurchasing!

Nivea roll-on sun cream-I decided to take this sun cream in holiday with me as I thought that that would be the perfect time to properly test it out.I found that this product was very easy to use and it definitely did protect my skin as I didn’t have any sun burn.So,overall you can’t say much about a sun cream but this product was very good and it definitely worked!

That is it for the Nivea review,yet again Nivea have not upset me with any of their products,Nivea will always be a loved brand by me and my whole family!I hope all enjoyed reading this blog post and look out for some more reviews coming soon on my blog…


Review of the L’Oréal true match foundation

image.jpegHey lovelies!Happy Wednesday!Today I’m going to be telling you guys about the L’Oréal true match foundation…

So,after hearing hundreds of amazing reviews on this foundation,I decided to buy it and give it a go.I first bought this foundation about a month ago but I only got round to testing it out last week…

The majority of bloggers post blog posts about products that they have really got along with but I feel we need to write about the not so good things too.

So,the first thing that I noticed when I put this foundation on was that the colour was quite dark but that was obviously my fault for buying the wrong shade.Also,after I’d had the foundation on for about 15 minutes,my skin started to look really dry and the foundation had stuck to my dry patches.I have dry/normal skin,some days my skin will be dry but some days it will just be normal.I’m not sure if that was my fault,maybe I should’ve used a different primer etc.

On the other hand,I would say the foundation has really good coverage!That is probably the only good thing I can say about this product.

I was so disappointed because I was expecting for this foundation to be so good,after hearing so many good reviews.

Overall, I would say that if you have dry skin,then I wouldn’t really recommend this foundation.However,maybe there is some people out there who have dry skin and they love using this foundation.

I may have to try this foundation out again and give it another go.If I do then I will definitely let you know if there’s any difference in how I got on with it.

Thank you for reading,I hope you enjoyed this not so wonderful review…




My top 4 must have Summer makeup products


Hello!This is my second blog post of the day,I am on a roll…These are my top 4 (I was planning on doing 5 but I’ve only just realise there are only 4 products in the photo)must have summer makeup products…

When It comes to doing my makeup in the summer,I like to go for quite a peachy look and I feel like all these products definitely look very summery.

Firstly,the Too Faced sweet peach eyeshadow palette-I absolutely adore this palette,in this summer I like to use the gorgeous peachy shades.

Secondly,the Mua velvet lip laquer-I love the shade of this matte lipstick(I can’t tell you the shade as the sticker has came off it).When you apply it and I completely dries,it goes to a goes to a gorgeous peachy shade,it looks quite different on the lips to what it looks like in the tube.This is a drugstore product too!

Thirdly,the Makeup Revolution vivid baked highlighter-This is probably the best drugstore highlighter I have ever tried!It is absolutely beautiful!

Lastly,the color trend blush-I love this blush however I cannot tell you which shade it is in because I have had it for quite a while make so the writing on the sticker has rubbed off.This will always be my good old favourite.It is just the perfect colour for summer.

That is it for now,I hope you all liked this blog post…